20 Minute Radius: Poop! Review of Philadelphia Art Gallery Exhibit, Poopface: Dogs of Philadelphia

Justin stands next to the glass storefront of Wanderlife Gallery

Poop! Giggles aside, on a Friday night my girlfriend and I drove to the newly opened Wanderlife Gallery in Philadelphia to check out its first exhibit, a photography series called Poopface: Dogs of Philadelphia. Beth Dombkowski, Wanderlife owner and admissions counselor at Rowan University, invited us to attend the gallery’s opening and we figured seeing […]

South Jersey, According to Northern NJ Natives

As North Jersey natives attend Rowan University pursuing a rewarding education, they can’t help but notice how different South Jersey is compared to their northern hometowns. From how words are pronounced (water is “wood-er”) to the food (subs are “hoagies”), there are many differences between the two regions. Below, our top 10. 1) Sprinkles vs. […]

Welcome Back Rowan Profs!

henry rowan statue outside savitz hall at Rowan University

“Spring” semester! Not today! Sneak a peek at Rowan’s snowy Glassboro campus on the second day of school of the spring 2018 semester. Like what you see? Register for a tour or open house.     Related stories: Roommates Reflect: What It’s Really Like To Live With You, Holly Pointe Commons [Video] Rowan Campus Newspaper […]

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