#PROFspective: A Closer Look at Music Education and Jazz with Jovan Rivera

Rowan University student Jovan Rivera posing inside of Wilson Hall with a saxophone sitting in front of a piano.

Today, we are hearing from Jovan Rivera, a junior Music Education and Jazz Performance major and transfer student from Trenton, NJ (Mercer County).

Could you share a few on-campus activities, clubs, sports, or events that you’ve attended so far? What was your favorite, and why?

I am a part of the Photography Club, Esports Club, NAfME (National Association for Music Education), Small Jazz Ensemble, and Concert Band.

My favorite is the Small Jazz Ensemble since I have a passion for jazz music. It is a warm and inviting environment that challenges me to become a better musician. 

Rowan University student Jovan Rivera smiles and holds a saxophone while sitting in a bright blue chair.

What are some ways you’ve made friends this year?

I have attended Rowan After Hours (RAH) events. I have also been to different clubs and met people there who had the same or similar interests as me.

Did you attend Accepted Students Day last spring?


How did attending the day benefit you or help your transition to Rowan?

It helped me become aware of where everything was, and I was able to meet with my advisors in order to get a head start in understanding what is expected in order for me to succeed in my major.

What is one thing about Rowan itself that you liked, that encouraged you to enroll?

The college’s history as an education college inspired me to look into Rowan. When I saw that it also had a very good music program, I felt encouraged to enroll and pursue my passions.

Any advice for high school seniors about choosing a school?

Apply to as many colleges as you can. Having too many options is never a bad thing.

When the time comes to pick where you will enroll, pick the college that can not only help you succeed while attending but will also provide you with connections that will help you succeed in your career.

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Written by:
Jordyn Dauter, sophomore dance and exercise science double major

Photos by:
Valentina Giannattasio, sophomore dance and marketing double major

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