How to: Decorate for the Holidays on a College Budget

The holidays should be full of decorations, unhealthy food, family/friends and A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra playing in the background. For me, decorating for the holidays is more enjoyable than actually celebrating them … but holiday decorations aren’t college-budget-friendly. However, when in doubt, go to the dollar store! I upgraded my dorm this holiday […]

(Weekly) Daily Dish – Upgrading Your Ramen

College students are known for living off of ramen because realistically, we either can’t afford fine dining or we just don’t know how to make anything else. Embrace the stereotype and upgrade your ramen!! Ingredients: 1 ramen noodle pack 1 chicken breast Bell peppers Microwavable broccoli Microwavable corn Teriyaki sauce Directions: Cook chicken in a […]

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