50 Profs Share 50 Reasons They Love Rowan

The Rowan University Banner on Wilson Hall.

Today, 50 Profs share with us 50 reasons they love Rowan. All of our Profs are unique, and why they love Rowan showcases the many opportunities to thrive on campus.

Profs Love Their Majors

1. “I fell in love with my major because of how versatile and pertinent the information I learn is to the world around us. One of my favorite classes was Immunology.” – Zalak Modi, senior biochemistry 3+4 BS/DO major.

Zalak's #PROFspective of campus at night. A sunset on Rowan's campus.

Zalak’s #PROFspective of campus at night.

2. “Two degrees in five years is amazing. I also gained work experience in the theatre as a stage manager, director and house manager, as well as tried new aspects of design and performance.” – Julia Rivenburg, B.A. in theatre arts alum, graduate student in the M.S. in teaching: theatre program.

3. “I love civil and environmental engineering because I feel as if I can make a very tangible impact on the current state of the country’s infrastructure.” – Jason Russack, senior civil and environmental engineering major.

Profs Love Their Classes

4. “One of my favorite classes is Public Opinion with Dr. Alison Novak – we learned about how mass media factors can influence our opinions.” – Sarah McCabe, senior public relations major.

5. “Last semester, I took a class called Hobbits and Bohemians: British Culture and Society Between the World Wars, with Dr. Hague in the history department. Each week had a different theme, partnered with reading authors such as Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Virginia Woolf, and E.M. Forster.” – Gillian Moore, junior history and subject matter education double major.

Profs Love Their Professors!

6. “Dr. Krufka, my Cellular Biology professor, is amazing. She wants her students to learn, which makes her students more engaged and it makes me excited to go to her class!” – AnneMarie Dominique, sophomore biological sciences major.

7. “I like how caring all the professors are. If you seek help from your professors, they are more than happy to advise you. My professors have shown me they truly want me to succeed.” – Natalie DePersia, junior public relations major.

Natalie walks through a path by Bunce Hall.

Public Relations major Natalie DePersia

8. “All the professors that I’ve had have always played a critical part in my growth as a student, but others have truly made a difference in my perspective of life in the way that they taught.” – Lucas Taylor, senior secondary education and English major.

9. “As someone who hadn’t been in school for 10 years, my professors made the transition back to a student super easy.” – Brandon Torres, senior advertising major.

10. “Dr. Circucci always makes sure the class is fun, and we learn things that prepare us for our future careers.” – Izzy Colon, junior communication studies major.

11. “A professor that means a lot to me is Dr. Yeldell. Being a Black man, having someone that looks like me in the department means a lot and gives me someone to go talk to when I have problems.” – Jamar Green, senior law and justice studies and Africana studies double major.

Jamar smiles indoors, wearing a Rowan shirt.

Law and Justice, Africana Studies double major Jamar Green

12. “A professor who truly made a difference in my career was Professor Christine Barden, my Structures of Math professor. She made me love a subject that I never enjoyed growing up.” – Nicole Cocco, senior inclusive education and elementary education major.

13. “Dr. Strasser, Dr. Haynes, Professor Brager, Dr. Cypher, and many more – they make me feel cared for and genuinely want to see me succeed, which is insanely appreciated.” – Maddie Wolf, senior communication studies and psychology double major.

A fountain on Rowan's campus.

Maddie shares her #PROFspective of a fountain on campus.

Extra-Fun Extracurriculars!

14. “I play on the Women’s Ice Hockey Team and I love them dearly. I’ve had so much fun being challenged by other schools, and we even went to nationals in Dallas, Texas, my freshman year.” – Audry Feltner, senior biological science major.

15. “The club RU Puppet Artists is probably one of the coolest clubs on campus. Our mission is to spread puppetry to everyone in the community, and we started last year.” – Connor Shields, sophomore theatre arts major with concentrations in musical theatre and theatre education double major.

Connor smiles in front of a fountain by the engineering pond.

Theatre Arts major Connor Shields

16. “I’m on the Equestrian Team and it’s so much fun. I get to compete with other schools, but it’s nice because there is not a lot of pressure.” – Kelly Kirk, senior molecular and cellular biology major.

17. “A club that I love, and makes Rowan always feel like home, is definitely the African Student Association (ASA). I love how even though it is an African-based club, they’re always open and

Poku poses in by the gazebo on campus.

Music Industry major Samuel Poku

Students Love Their Fellow Profs!

18. “I love all the people that I have met at Rowan. Everyone is super sweet and easy to talk to. I have made so many friends that I know I will still be in touch with after college!” – Nisha Shah, junior chemical engineering major.

19. “I am involved with Rowan’s Admission Ambassadors, and I have never felt more welcomed here at Rowan than I do in this organization. The people who work here are all super nice people and we are all very diverse, which is super cool!” – Samantha Donnelly, sophomore inclusive education and elementary education double major.

A snowy scene in a wooded area on campus.

Samantha shares her #PROFspective of a snowy day on campus.

20. “I felt really welcome and was able to make friends right away. All the students in my grade were in classes together as freshmen, and we ate lunch all together on many days, crowding around a table at the Student Center. Some of my favorite college memories are from those days.” – Mattie Millet, junior theatre major with a concentration in musical theatre.

21. “I love Rowan because it’s a medium-sized school socially, with small intimate classes academically. I love getting to meet lots of diverse and amazing people with SUP and RAH events and having strong intimate connections with my professors!” – Lainie Weiss, junior psychology and sociology double major.

22. “Rowan is one of a kind. The community is warm and welcoming, and you will be sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. Join clubs and go make your forever friends!” – Madison Rappaport, sophomore sociology major.

23. “I love Rowan because of how willing students are to talk to you and be your friend! I was very close with my roommate and I made so many friends in my classes and in my hall too. I’m actually still friends with most of these people two years later!” – Gabby Afflitto, junior psychology major.

24. “What makes Rowan feel like home is all the people I met my freshman year, and my PCI brothers and sisters. After going to many club events as a freshman, I was able to make many connections with upperclassmen and club members.” – Keishanna Williams, junior with a double major in public relations and advertising.

Keishanna poses in front of a window.

Keishanna shares a #PROFspective of herself.

25. “I love Rowan because of all the events happening around campus all the time. On any given day, you can find almost endless amounts of things to do, whether it’s clubs to join, events to attend, activities to participate in, or fun trips to go on.” – Connor Bicknell, sophomore communication studies major.

26. “I love that I’m not just a number here at Rowan! All of my professors know me by name, and they go above and beyond to get to know me as a student and how I learned the best.” – Natalie Donisi, senior psychology and theatre with concentrations in musical theatre double major.

27. “I have found some of my forever friends here! My friends I’ve met here have just shown me what being cared for within a friendship feels like, and I love them with all my heart.” – Emily Gizzi, first-year advertising major.

Profs Love Our Campus

28. “The Glassboro town square is my favorite spot on campus. I love eating at La Scala’s Fire on Rowan Boulevard and Lucy’s Creamery on High Street.” – Natalia Peralta, junior public relations and Spanish double major.

29. “I like how Rowan has two different campus feels. Rowan Boulevard is like a small piece of a city right in Glassboro, but the area by Bunce Hall is so calm and peaceful.” – Loredonna Fiore, senior public relations and advertising double major.

30. “I love the Business Hall collaboration rooms and the greenery near the Hollybush mansion. I love Playa Bowls for food, and I enjoy spending time with friends on Rowan Boulevard.” – Griffin Lallier, senior international studies major.

31. “My favorite spots on campus are by far Oishii Ramen and Kung Fu Tea! My friends and I have gone to Oishii Ramen so much that the staff knows us and our typical meals we get!” – Joseph Dulog, sophomore physics major.

32. “I love the pond near the Engineering Hall, as well as the gazebo near Bunce Hall. Both areas are gorgeous places to just sit and look at nature.” – Julia Destra, first-year history and subject matter education double major.

33. “Something that stands out about Rowan that I love is the growth that is always happening on campus. It feels so special to be a part of a community that has had so much growth in the past decade.” – Paige Bathurst, sophomore double major in Supply Chain & Logistics and Leadership & Social Innovation.

Paige poses in front of Bunce Hall.

Paige Bathurst is a double major in Supply Chain & Logistics and Leadership & Social Innovation with an Honors concentration.

34. “When compared to my community college, Rowan is more alive. You can always see students around campus. There’s always something going on somewhere.” – Travis Cordano, junior finance and accounting double major.

35. “My favorite spot on campus is Robinson Green. I love the colorful chairs and my friends and I always go there to have a picnic, talk and even paint. I remember my sophomore year, it snowed, and we made snowmen and had a snowball fight on Robinson Green.” – Julia Bowes, junior computer science major with concentrations in data science and artificial intelligence.

36. “It is the perfect college situation for me personally! It’s close to my hometown and yet allows me to feel still like I’m a part of the college experience!” – Michael Rambo, junior radio, television, and film and marketing double major.

37. “I love the engineering pond. I find it so relaxing over there. The student center is a great place to study and do homework.” – Sam DeCuicies, sophomore radio, television and film major.

Sam poses in front of a tree.

Radio/TV/Film major Sam DeCuicies

38. “My favorite places to eat here on campus are Breakfast & Co. at the Student Center, and Cookie Munchers on Rowan Boulevard. I also love going to Monarch Diner on Delsea Drive for breakfast on the weekend!” – Mikaela Emick, junior elementary education & liberal studies double major, with concentrations in American studies & English.

39. “The Rec Center is my favorite place on-campus. That is where I go to the gym, and where I have dance practice. It’s my second home.” – Bianca Moffa, junior inclusive education major.

40. “At first I came to Rowan just to play for the Division 3 volleyball team, but after being here for three years, I’ve found so many other things about the school that I love. I have fallen in love with the community, small classes, and all the clubs and organizations offered.” – Simone Sparano, junior biological sciences major.

Profs Love the Many Opportunities at Rowan!

41. “I love Rowan because they really push hands-on research experience where we can work with big companies or even other universities! I love feeling like my work will make an impact.” – Olivia Scro, senior biomedical engineering major.

42. “I was invited to NYC to meet a notable alumnus of Rowan. I can only imagine the future opportunities I will have at Rowan, and I am so excited about my success in the future.” – Caroline Adam, sophomore management major.

Caroline's #PROFspective of her favorite study spot on campus, the end of Business Hall.

Caroline’s #PROFspective of her favorite study spot on campus, the end of Business Hall.

43. “I have had opportunities to work on projects for real clients, meet public relations professionals, and even tour agencies through PRaction, Rowan’s student-run public relations firm, and Rowan’s chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America.” – Rachel Rumsby, junior communication studies and public relations double major.

44. “I love Rowan because of all the opportunities Rowan has brought me. I have gained work experience in the career field that I love, advertising, through internships at Rowan.” – Madelaine Mayfield, senior advertising major.

45. “My experience in my biomedical engineering clinic has opened countless doors for my career. Because of Rowan’s unique hands-on engineering curriculum, I’ve been able to work in a research lab since the second semester of my freshman year.” – Lauren Repmann, biomedical engineering major.

The path by Business Hall and a sky with clouds.

Lauren’s #PROFspective of campus.

46. “As an online student, I’ve attended other online universities that were not inclusive for online students. Rowan always does their best to make sure that I still receive the same educational experiences as on-campus students.” – Krystal Mannering, senior law and justice studies major.

47. “I love Rowan for the opportunities it has provided me and how affordable it is. One opportunity I have enjoyed is working in Admissions.” – John McCleery, junior civil and environmental engineering major.

48. “I like that you can have flexibility with what path you choose for your future at Rowan. You can double major, even triple major, if you have the time. Here, I can be a part of clubs and activities geared towards majors that aren’t mine, such as Dance Extensions.” – Allie Coeby, sophomore law and justice studies major.

Allie poses outdoors.

Allie shares a photo of her enjoying the nice weather on campus.

49. “Having access to recording studios is really a spectacular opportunity for anyone interested in audio engineering.” – Joseph Conte, junior music industry major.

50. “The amount of opportunities for networking and connecting with other higher education professionals [is] truly amazing.” – Raymond Wos Jr., senior subject matter education and history double major.

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Story by:
Rachel Rumsby, senior communication studies and public relations double major

Edited by:
Joseph Conte, junior music industry major

Photos of Poku, Natalie DePersia, and Paige Bathurst by:
Stephanie Batista, senior business management major

Photo of Jamar by:
Brian Seay, senior double major in radio/TV/film and sports communication and media

Photos of Sam DeCuicies and Connor Shields by:
Valentina Giannattasio, sophomore dance and marketing double major

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Rowan University students

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