5 Holiday Room Decorating Ideas

Nothing makes it feel like the holidays than festive decorations. Here are 5 ways to make your room feel more like the holiday season. 

1. Put up twinkly lights

Nothing screams the holidays like lights draped around the room. They create a beautiful ambiance that makes the space feel warm and bright. Make sure to get LED and UL certified lights to abide by Rowan Housing Policy. 

Lights in dorm room.

2. DIY Cardboard Christmas Trees

Since real Christmas trees aren’t allowed in Rowan residence halls, get in the spirit the safe way! On a piece of paper, draw out a few Christmas trees with some having a divot coming from the top and some divots coming from the bottom. Trace those on a piece of cardboard and cut them out. After the cardboard is cut, draw any design with markers to decorate the tree. You can even attach buttons if you have them! After decorating the tree, stick the cardboard into the divots you’ve created, and voila! 

3. DIY Wreath

Make your door festive by creating a DIY wreath. Use glue, tape, or staples to attach 15 paper cups together in a circle. Then, use markers and glitter to decorate your wreath however you’d like (I’d suggest coloring the cups green and leaving some space to color on some ornaments). Cut out a ribbon from a piece of paper or spare fabric and there you have it, a cute wreath to spice up the door. 

4. Holiday Gel Cling Stickers

To fill your room with holiday spirit, consider buying gel cling stickers. These come in a variety of different shapes and colors that will make your window festive. Decorate your window with Hanukkah and Kwanzaa stickers, candy canes, reindeer, or any other styles that will get you in the holiday spirit! 

5. Holiday Countdown Board 

On a dry erase board, count down to the holiday you celebrate! This will be sure to get you excited for the holiday season and give you something to look forward to doing each day. To make it festive, decorate the board in colors and figures that represent the holiday you celebrate.

Student holds a mug of hot chocolate.

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