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  • “Whoo” is Hungry?

    Whether it’s a nutritious breakfast at the cafe, a lunch stop at Jersey Mike’s, or a dinner treat at the Rowan Boulevard Domino’s, senior criminal justice major Kelvin Torres knows that hard work in the classroom necessitates a well-balanced diet, and Rowan University provides just that. “No Prof ever goes hungry when they take advantage […]

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  • Commuter Survival Guide: Top 10 Tips

    rooftop of commuter parking garage with Bunce in the distance

    As a freshman commuter, I understand the feeling you get the first day of classes. There’s a lot of wondering where to park and where to go after your class. The following are things I wish I knew before attending Rowan University. 1. Take morning classes There are fewer students who take an 8 a.m. […]

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  • Salad Days at The Green Zebra

    At the Green Zebra salad bar, located on the ground floor of the Chamberlain Student Center, there are thousands of possible salad combinations available for students to create. Even if you aren’t the biggest health nut (like myself), you are bound to find a delicious and healthy salad you enjoy. There is almost every salad […]