Transfer to Transformed: Five Students Share

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Rowan Blog celebrates National Transfer Student Week and partners with the Office of Student Success Programs in spotlighting five students who have found their new college home at Rowan University.

Victoria (Tore) Butler.
Victoria (Tore) Butler

Victoria (Tore) Butler, Elementary Education and Literacy Studies major who transferred from The University of Scranton in fall 2019

Why did you select to transfer to Rowan? 

Being far away from home was not the right fit for me, and I was trying to find an institution with an amazing elementary education program. Rowan ended up being the perfect fit!

What do you like best about coming to Rowan? 

Even though the campus is huge, I have felt at home here from day one. There are so many clubs that I have gotten involved with that have provided me with new friends and professional contacts for my future field.

One thing that is different from your previous institution? 

One thing that is different from The University of Scranton is the atmosphere on campus. So many people are involved in different activities, and there is a way to find your people. I never thought I would enjoy a large university, but it definitely has its perks.

Summaiya Ishrat.
Summaiya Ishrat

Summaiya Ishrat, Liberal Studies major (with concentrations in Philosophy and Journalism) who transferred from Camden County College in fall 2020

Why did you select to transfer to Rowan? 

Originally, I wanted to go to Rowan right after high school with a major in Computer Science since my uncle was studying Computer Science. I had gone on tours to several schools but Rowan felt right to me. So, I got accepted to Rowan and even got into an EOF program and was preparing to start my first year here, but due to a financial and personal trouble, I had to attend Camden County College, where I changed majors several times before finally transferring to Rowan and finding an amazing major here like Liberal Studies that fit my interests and aligned with my multidisciplinary skills.

What do you like best about coming to Rowan? 

The transition to Rowan University as a transfer student was seamless. Immediately, I was exposed to many opportunities, even virtually, and I didn’t feel disconnected from the campus as I was meeting people who shared my interests or background. 

There is always help available for Rowan students, and that itself makes me feel like I’m not alone. If I have any trouble, I know where to go, which is the best thing about Rowan.

One thing that is different from your previous institution? 

While at Rowan, if undecided, there’s a specific advisor who could help you explore what courses interest you and guide you. My advisor at Rowan was patient and understanding of my interests, and let me explore what courses interested me, while also making sure that I fulfilled the requirements. I believe that having a good advisor is very important as they’re the ones who lead students into their educational path and beyond. I’m glad that I found a good advisor who has helped me found my passion, which has led me to truly enjoy my classes and time at Rowan. 

I have always been a student who loves being a student, and loves going to school, and I temporarily lost that motivation and spark while I was at Camden County College. But after coming to Rowan, I’ve been able to be myself and am back to being a student who immensely loves learning, which assures me that transferring to Rowan was the best decision.

Benjamin Schnur.
Benjamin Schnur

Psychology major Ben Schnur, who transferred from Assumption University in Worcester, MA in fall 2020

Why did you select to transfer to Rowan? 

I wanted to be closer to my home and my friends. And since I was coming from an incredibly small school, I wanted to try somewhere a little bigger, but still not overwhelmingly huge. Rowan seemed like just the right size while being closer to home — but still just far enough that I can feel independent.

What do you like best about coming to Rowan? 

The people I’ve met here have been so welcoming and nice. Even last year when the campus was functioning in a different way, everyone still made me feel welcome, and I feel like I belong here more than I did at my previous school.

One thing that is different from your previous institution? 

Rowan is way bigger. My previous school had a total undergrad population of about 2,500, which made it feel sort of like I was only seeing the same people in the same places every day. Rowan being bigger has allowed me to meet a far more diverse pool of people.

Gianna Malgieri.
Gianna Malgieri

Gianna Malgieri, a Sports Communication & Media and Journalism double major who transferred from Atlantic Cape Community College and Montclair State University in fall 2021

Why did you select to transfer to Rowan? 

I made lifelong friends at ACCC through journalism and when I went to Montclair I missed them terribly, in addition to not being satisfied with Montclair’s program and how they were handling the pandemic. I also chose to transfer to Rowan after I saw how dedicated and proactive the students in the communication field are when it comes to being productive and involved. There’s a palpable feeling of acceptance that runs through the university. It feels like a judgement-free zone.

What do you like best about coming to Rowan? 

It’s hard to pick just one thing. The diverse student body. The location in relation to major cities, eateries, activities and other places to explore. Despite Covid-19, the college is still hosting events safely while taking necessary precautions. I also thoroughly enjoy being part of clubs such as The Whit and Rowan Television Network.

One thing that is different from your previous institution? 

One aspect about Rowan that really stands out to me is how badly the professors and faculty want to see you succeed. It’s obvious that the Rowan community REALLY cares about its students and their individual journeys and goals. Other institutions had made me feel like I was bothering them by asking for help, and that’s simply not the case here. I’d also like to mention that the website is much more user-friendly than others, which is more important than it seems.

Denzell Moore.
Denzell Moore

Denzell Moore, now a Rowan Global student in the M.A. in Higher Education Administration program, transferred from Raritan Valley Community College in 2018

Why did you select to transfer to Rowan? 

What stood out to me about RU was its proximity from my actual home (far but not too far). It’s affordability was a big factor as well. In addition to that Rowan (Glassboro State) was first a college for only teachers, which appealed to me.

What do you like best about coming to Rowan? 

My ability to thrive here. When I first arrived to campus, I was concerned if I would fit in. I am a Black bisexual male with body image issues who was recently orphaned prior to me coming here. My main concern was not fitting in due to one or more of my identities. I quickly learned about all the safe spaces on campus and started to heavily get into student engagement. Attending and being a part of clubs on campus like Prism, SOCA, REAL and many more. This, along with mentorship from faculty and staff, motivated me to pursue a graduate degree in higher education administration, which is what I’m doing currently. In addition to that I am currently a Success Coach through the Student Support Services office here on campus and the Student Engagement Coordinator at the Rohrer College of Business.

One thing that is different from your previous institution? 

The access to free resources, most notably The SHOP on campus, has been integral in me being able to avoid food insecurity. Also the amount of access to free food at campus events truly motivated me to attend multiple events and continue educating myself outside of the classroom.

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