Rowan Foundation Scholarships: Which Ones To Apply To and Where To Find Them

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Today a member of our Rowan Blog team, Rachel Rumsby, shares advice about Rowan’s Foundation Scholarships. Rachel is a junior Communication Studies and Public Relations double major. Rachel is an on-campus resident from River Edge, NJ (Bergen County). 

Paying for school is a struggle for some. Applying to scholarships is a great way to help pay for school and maybe take fewer student loans!

Rowan University has a system called Scholarship Universe that matches matriculated students with Rowan Foundation scholarships and outside scholarships that they may be eligible for. 

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Continuing Student Scholarships

Continuing students are eligible to apply for Rowan Foundation Scholarships through Scholarship Universe as soon as their first semester as a student begins. If awarded, these scholarships are credited to your bill for the next academic year.

There is a timeframe to apply: scholarships typically open in September and close in late December/January.  

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Before you apply to scholarships, through the portal, you must fill out the questions that gauge your eligibility for all the scholarships. You can find these questions after signing in and clicking the “questions” button on the left side panel. After you fill out the questions, you can click the “scholarships” button. This page will show you the scholarship matches that you are eligible for, partial matches, and scholarships you have previously applied to.

I recommend that everyone fill out the “General University Application.” This scholarship application is to apply for any general continuing student scholarships, as well as some departmental scholarships.

Everyone has a unique background, which may lead them to be eligible for different scholarships, so I cannot recommend scholarships everyone should apply to, except for the General University Application. However, I highly suggest that you answer the Scholarship Universe questions so it can match you to scholarships you are eligible for. 

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Incoming Student Scholarships

Incoming students are eligible to apply for scholarships through Scholarship Universe after their first semester at Rowan. If students apply to the university by Jan. 31, they will automatically be considered for scholarships they might be eligible for; there is no separate scholarship application. For more information, check out this post by Assistant Director of Admissions Amanda Marcks and the Admissions Scholarships page

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Story by:
Rachel Rumsby, junior communication studies and public relations double major

Photos by:
Stephanie Batista, junior music industry major

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