National NJ Day: Are You From North, South, or Central Jersey?

Five students walk and talk on campus.

Rowan Blog contributor, Public Relations major and student athlete Natalie DePersia touches upon the common debate between North, South, and Central Jersey.

The debate about North, South, and Central Jersey is somewhat silly until your friends and even acquaintances get quite annoyed on your opinion. Being from South Jersey my entire life, I believe a tasty dessert is water ice, a breakfast food is pork roll, and water is pronounced how it is spelled.

In honor of National New Jersey Day, I am curious on where the line is drawn between North, South, and Central Jersey. 

Dawn to Dusk storefront entrance.
Dawn to Dusk is a great place for breakfast food and bagels.

The debate between pronunciations and geographical locations is all fun and games until a friendly debate turns into turmoil. If an individual from South Jersey calls the breakfast food pork roll and an individual from North Jersey calls the food Taylor Ham … what does an individual from Central Jersey call it? If they call it pork roll does that mean they live closer to South Jersey? Is that a plausible argument? I do not think the answer to those questions will ever be known.

Where is the line drawn to split South Jersey from Central Jersey from North Jersey? I understand that North Jersey versus South Jersey is can be associated with location. For instance, South Jersey has Philadelphia as its neighbor while North Jersey is closer to New York City. For individuals that have somewhat of a split distance between those two major cities … would it be fair to say they live in Central Jersey?

Brooklyn, New York.
Brooklyn, New York

Truly every Jersey resident has a different answer. Some residents say they are visiting the beach by saying “I’m going down the shore,” when others say “I’m going to the shore.” Other differences in word choice can be associated with what an individual calls a sandwich — a hoagie or a sub. 

Two students eating outside Jersey Mike's.
Jersey Mike’s is a great place to eat a hoagie or a sub.

Geographical distinctions are endless. Do you have good bagels in your area? You must be from North Jersey. Prior to college, I believed South Jersey bagels were delectable. However, fellow peers and friends quickly explained that South Jersey does not produce a GOOD Jersey bagel and I need to taste one from New York and/or North Jersey. 

Goods from New York.

Whether one is from South, Central, or North Jersey, the feud will go on and the differences in pronunciations and word choices will remain. Which part of Jersey are you from?

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Story by:
Natalie DePersia, junior public relations major

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