Meet #Rowan2025: Felix Arthur from Ghana

Today we feature incoming international and first-generation college student Felix Arthur from Accra, Ghana. He will be studying International Studies on campus and will be part of the Honors College.

Welcome to Rowan! Could you share with us one thing you are looking forward in college?

I look forward to engaging with the beautiful Rowan environment as well as connecting with all the lovely students. I can’t wait to start taking my classes!

Felix holding a book outside.

What is one hobby, activity, sport or club you were a part of in high school that you’d like to continue in college? 

I was a member of my hostel’s soccer team in high school and I’d love to continue playing soccer in college.

Is there anything you’re hoping to discover about yourself in college?

Yes! I’d love to engage in student politics and try to explore new sports to keep me in shape like swimming and maybe taekwondo.

Felix standing outside.

 What majors are you considering and why?

International/Global studies major. I’m considering this major because I feel like there are countless ways we can contribute to help our universe globally and as well as connect with people who have diverse cultures, so a major in international studies would be a right path for me.

Did you tour Rowan or attend any virtual events?

Unfortunately I haven’t had my virtual tour yet but I’m completely stunned by the pictures I see online! The environment is so scintillating.

Felix inside of a restaurant having a drink.

Do you have advice for other high school seniors who haven’t committed to a school yet? 

It’s important to commit to a school as soon as possible because you can start crafting the future you want for yourself and once you choose a right major, you’re halfway through.

What is one thing about Rowan itself that you liked?

Rowan has a very nice and approachable staff, as a honors student I’ve had the opportunity to engage with a few professors so I can testify.

Felix stands in front of a sign in his native Ghana.

 If you are from out of state, why did you choose a university not in your home state?

I am actually from Accra, Ghana and I’m coming to Rowan as an international student. I chose Rowan because it’s renowned and very affordable. The fees are moderate, considering the quality ambience and is amongst the best one can ever find.

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Story by:
Stephanie Batista, junior music industry major

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