Understanding the 5 Love Languages

Rowan students hold hearts along Rowan Boulevard park area.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought it’d be a good idea to highlight the five love languages that can make any relationship a little sweeter! 

Everyone feels love in different ways. To some, nothing says I love you like a “good morning” text message. Some might want a hug to feel the love. Others might appreciate a sweet handwritten note. 

The love languages can help you discover how you give and would like to receive love.

Rowan students holding love language hearts.

Don’t be mistaken, though, you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to learn about your love language. Understanding these love languages can lead to healthy relationships, work partnerships, and friendships. By understanding your own love language, you can set expectations for your partner and learn how they feel loved/appreciated!

Words of Affirmation – encourage, affirm, appreciate, listen actively

Receiving gifts – thoughtfulness, small gestures, make your partner feel like a priority

Group of students on Rowan Boulevard.

Physical Touch – non-verbal, use body language and touch to express love

Quality Time – uninterrupted and focused conversations, one-on-one time is important

Acts of Service – action-oriented, they want to know you’re with them and a part of their team.

Group making heart symbol.

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Information from: Mindbodygreen.com

Story by:
Loredonna Fiore, junior public relations and advertising major

Photography by: Rachel Rumsby, sophomore communication studies and public relations double major

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