First Year Voices: Noah Garcia

Noah Garcia smiles in front of trees with orange and green. A white building is close by on the left hand side.

Today we speak with Noah Garcia who is currently an undecided major (exploratory studies). So far Noah has been enjoying being in school and plans to continue to keep up with his school work while getting more involved on campus.

What do you like about living in Chestnut Hall?

It’s the best looking residential building on campus. 100%. I think it’s way nicer than Holly. The fact that it’s from 1984 is cool. Holly is cool but it’s like a hotel. This building’s from 1984 and we’re living here in 2020. 

Have you thought about joining any clubs or organizations on campus?

I’m interested in joining a fraternity. 

Noah poses in front of Chestnut hall wearing a green mask. There is green and white shrubbery around him. There are benches behind him.

Are your classes remote or hybrid and how has that adjustment been?

They are all remote except one class is hybrid. And the adjustment was definitely not the easiest but I think the Zoom classes are much more productive than I thought they would be. 

What are you looking forward to for the rest of this year?

Finish off the rest of the semester good with grades and keep enjoying the college life. It’s going pretty good and I plan on keeping it that way.

Any advice to other freshmen?

Write everything down because there’s a lot of responsibility that hits you at once and it’s easier to remember everything that way. 

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Story by:
Luke Garcia, junior music industry major

Photos by:
Rachel Rumsby, sophomore communication studies and public relations double major

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