(FRESH)man Voices: Vanessa Moultrie

Vanessa from Rowan University stands in front of the sign for Chestnut Hall dorm, with her left elbow resting on the brown sign
Vanessa from Rowan University stands in front of sparse trees at Chestnut Hall, wearing a black fleece, hands in pockets
Vanessa stands with her left elbow resting on the Chestnut Hall sign in front of her dorm

“There’s a lot more to do here at Rowan than I thought. There’s almost an activity somewhere on campus every day, so I’m never really bored. When I first started at Rowan I didn’t really know what to expect. Meeting my roommates, and living in Chestnut Hall, has really made me feel at home. All of the residents here are all so close to one another, the RAs give us fun activities daily which is also a plus!” Vanessa Moultrie, law and justice major, from Atco, NJ (Camden County).

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Story and photography by:
Jelani James, senior journalism major

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