First Year Voices: Chestnut Hall, Adjusting to College – Griffin Roughgarden

Griffin poses in a backwards hat in front of orange and green trees.

Today we feature freshman and Chestnut resident Griffin Roughgarden. Griffin is a Business Entrepreneurship major from West Caldwell, NJ (Essex County.)

How do you like living in Chestnut?
It’s really good, actually. It’s pretty quiet, it’s not really a loud place, there’s lots of amenities. It’s kind of the perfect location on campus. 

Have you thought about joining any clubs or organizations on campus
Yeah I plan on joining a fraternity and maybe some clubs but the club fair I don’t think happened this year because of COVID. So hopefully next year I’ll look into a lot of those things.

Griffin gives a thumbs up with a backwards hat in front of Chestnut.

Are your classes remote or hybrid and how has that adjustment been?They’re hybrid. I like the fact that I can choose whether or not I go in or if I’m tired one day I don’t have to go in. It’s kind of nice being able to do it remote if I want to go home.

Griffin gives a double thumbs up wearing a black mask and a black backwards hat. Chestnut hall is in the background.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of this year?
I’m still just meeting new people, creating my schedule for next year, figuring out who I’m living with, stuff like that. 

Any advice to other freshmen?
It was stressful coming into college but don’t stress about it. It’s nothing crazy, it’s like doing high school just not at home. 

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Story by:
Luke Garcia, junior music industry major

Photos by:
Rachel Rumsby, sophomore public relations major

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