5 Things I’ve Learned as a Radio/Television/Film Major

Today we spotlight Max M. Morgan, a senior Radio/Television/Film (RTF) major from Marlton, NJ. Max reflects on 5 game-changing skills he’s developed while at Rowan University.

Max wears a Rowan t-shirt and holds a yellow guitar.
Author Max M. Morgan
  1. How to write a script.

As a senior looking back, the screenwriting courses really stood out to me, and helped me develop an initial method to approach any type of production and maximize the value. Also, the in-class discussions and critiques helped me fine-tune my vision and develop new perspectives, which instilled in me the importance of listening to other voices.   

  1. How to capture any subject on camera.

Another course of great importance to me was Film Production, in which learning the process of how professional video production works is invaluable. I had no idea how much is involved before I enrolled at Rowan, like the different types of camera lenses, how to stylize an image to give a certain look and feel, color correcting, and the different types of microphones. All of this enabled me to showcase my work and add to my personal portfolio. 

RTF students film outside Bozorth Hall.
RTF students film outside Bozorth Hall (spring 2018).

  1. How to edit/score a production.

Any one of these software programs are really intimidating to a first-time user, but with Rowan’s access to free Adobe Creative Cloud programs for students, it gives hands-on experience with today’s cutting-edge technology. The most common software programs I’ve mastered here are Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop and Logic Pro X. 

A RTF student edits video.
A RTF student edits video.
  1. How to create custom graphics in Photoshop.

Intro to New Media and Foundations of Media are courses that have given me useful experience in Photoshop, creating unique graphics, lower thirds, etc., in a very easy-to-understand, digestible way. Photoshop is an invaluable tool in my arsenal; being able to turn average photos into amazing ones, extracting precise elements from an image, being able to piece together and make something new and exciting!                    

  1. How to develop a voice.

Podcasting and Media Performance Techniques classes have really helped me develop my voice and communication skills that translate in everyday life, and have given me the confidence I wish I had years ago. The voice is the most practical thing I’ve developed here at Rowan, and I am using what I have learned everyday already.  

Author Max wears a Rowan shirt and holds a yellow guitar.

I feel that Rowan has helped me grow so much, not only in my field, but as a young adult, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a Prof!! Furthermore, I’d like to give a shout-out to some extraordinary instructors who shared their own talents and experiences to enrich my own learning. Thank you!

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Story and author photos by:
Max M. Morgan, senior Radio/Television/Film major

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