Physically Distant but Socially Strong: Luis and Nick

Luis and Nick posing in an inviting way.

Assistant resident director Luis Acevedo and resident assistant Nick Petrole share how they continue to social distance during the pandemic.

Luis a senior, first-generation college student from Camden, NJ (Camden County), majors in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. Nick is also a senior and a first-generation college student from Flemington, NJ (Hunterdon County), who majors in Finance with a Management Information Sciences minor and Certificate of Undergraduate Studies in Business Analytics.

Luis and Nick have crossed paths various times before, but it was not until they were on the same staff at Edgewood that they became friends.

Luis and Nick sitting on a flat rock.
Nick Petrole (left) and Luis Acevedo (right)

What are you guys doing on campus for fun? 

“I would say that we take our tasks as an RA and an ARD and we make it fun. So even though we have duty nights where we help make sure the buildings are safe and everyone is good, we take that to be our time to have game night. I have other people come join us, and that’s how we stay connected while also doing our job.” – Luis 

“Prior to the game room being closed, I used to play pool over in the game room with a bunch of friends. But now I hang out on the Boulevard and get food in the outdoor seating with friends.” – Nick 

Luis and Nick sitting and laughing.

What about off campus? 

“I like to go mountain biking. That’s something new that I have just recently started doing, and it’s very fun for me. I also started going on hikes that I do individually for health and also just for fun with different people.” – Luis

“I just got involved with the Rock Climbing Team. So we go into Philly to The Cliffs, which is an indoor rock climbing gym, and I do that like around twice a week. Sometimes prior to Covid-19 we would go on outdoor trips as well. They would plan some out-of-state trips where everyone would camp for a couple nights. It has been a lot of fun so far, and I definitely plan to continue doing it.” – Nick

Luis and Nick standing in front of foliage.

Is there anything you want to mention?

“The biggest thing that Housing mentions nowadays especially considering the whole situation with Covid-19 is that we’re all physically distant but we’re socially strong. It’s a saying that we use in Housing because it is the truth. Yes, we are physically distant, but at the end of the day we have to be socially strong in order to get through all of this.” – Luis 

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Story and photos by:
Stephanie Batista, music industry major

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