7 Tips To Avoiding the Infamous Freshman 15

A group of rowan university students inside the rec center

Being alone in a new environment isn’t the scariest part of college – it’s the infamous freshman 15. An all-access meal plan is all fun and games until walking up two flights of stairs leaves you completely winded. I, along with just about every other Rowan student, have ordered Domino’s one too many times, but with these 7 tips, you’ll know how to avoid the freshman 15… and eat your pizza too.

  1. Go to the gymworking out in the fitness center

The first tip may be obvious, but it’s definitely the most challenging… going to the gym! Exercising a few times a week will benefit your body and mind, leaving you relaxed and well-balanced.

  1. Join a club sports team

If exercising in the gym doesn’t interest you, I suggest joining a sports team. Involving yourself on a team is a great way to form new friendships, which distracts you from the physical labor.

  1. DON’T skip breakfast!!

You might not want to make the 5 minute walk to Holly Pointe before your 8am, but I guarantee starting your day off with a balanced breakfast will put you in a better mood. Your mind and body will thank you in the end.

  1. Sleep

I can probably count on one hand the amount of college students who sleep for 8 hours a night – one of them being me – but I guarantee the amount of sleep you receive influences all of your other performances. Your brain and body need rest.

  1. breakfast food Stay hydrated

Another tip that may seem obvious, but is usually overlooked is staying hydrated. I see college students drinking more caffeine than water, which will make them feel jittery throughout the day and sluggish once the caffeine wears off. Satisfy your body and drink some water.

  1. Take control in the dining hall

A buffet-style dining hall truly is a beautiful sight to see, but it sincerely tests your self control. Be mindful as to what and how much you’re putting on your plate and the freshman 15 won’t have anything to do with you.

  1. Get credits for being active

Educate yourself by taking a nutrition course or enroll in an activity based class. Instead of sitting through a lecture, earn credits by learning how to live a healthy lifestyle!

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Story and photos by:
Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major

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