First Year Voices: A Conversation with Molecular & Cellular Biology Major Laynie Sheppard

Laynie Sheppard is posing inside of Discovery Hall, wearing a white Rowan University t-shirt.

Today, we hear from commuter student Laynie Sheppard, a Molecular & Cellular Biology major from Bridgeton, NJ (Cumberland County).

Could you share a few on-campus activities, clubs, sports, or events that you’ve attended so far? What was your favorite, and why?

“I go to Cru weekly and absolutely love it. I haven’t attended anything else yet because of my schedule.” Rowan Cru is a Christian organization on campus that promotes an environment filled with worship and leadership through personal evangelism. 

Laynie sits inside Discovery Hall on a green couch holding a guitar covered in decorative stickers.

What are some ways you’ve made friends this year?

“I’ve made a ton of new friends through my experience in Cru, as well as in my classes. Being there has taught me to be more outgoing.”

What is one thing about Rowan that you liked and that encouraged you to enroll?

“I loved how small it was, so I could get help from teachers if I needed it. Rowan is close to home and has a lot of resources to help me in my future career.”

Laynie smiles and stands inside Discovery Hall wearing a white Rowan University t-shirt.

Do you have any advice for students that are trying to choose a school that is the right fit for them?

“Honestly, go wherever feels right for you. If you’re worried about making friends don’t worry about that…you can make good friends everywhere but your education is what you need to be focused on. Choose somewhere that makes you feel like you fit in and belong.”

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Story by:
Jordyn Dauter, sophomore dance and exercise science double major

Photos by:
Valentina Giannattasio, sophomore dance and marketing double major

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