20 Minute Radius: Washington Lake Park

Pavilion and covered picnic space at Washington Lake Park.

Whether it’s to exercise, get some fresh air or be in nature, parks are a great place to visit during the school year for some self-care. Washington Lake Park is a great local spot to unwind and return to form when dealing with a busy semester. 

Washington Lake Park is a local park only six minutes away from campus. Located in Washington Township, this hidden gem is New Jersey’s largest municipal park and is home to some amazing walking trails. Covering 330 acres, Washington Lake Park has something for everyone. 

Gazebo at Washington lake park
The park at springtime

If you’re looking for some friendly neighborhood competition, you can definitely find it here. The park has basketball courts, tennis courts, and volleyball courts where members of the local community come to play. If you have some free time after classes, this is a great way to get active and meet new people.

Another fun activity to try is fishing in Cedar Pond. If you bring your own gear, visitors of the park are welcome to catch fish (and release them after they’re caught). 

Fish at washington lake park
Cedar Pond at spring in Washington Lake Park

Washington Lake Park is also home to an amphitheater, a large outdoor stage area where events are held. Throughout the year, local bands are invited to Washington Lake Park to perform on stage for the community. There are also events where food and drinks are served from local businesses in the area. Visitors are welcome to bring lawn chairs and enjoy the festivities. 

Theater at washington lake park
Washington Lake Park amphitheather

The events and amenities at Washington Lake Park make this local spot a great place to visit, especially during the warmer months. The scenic trails make this spot a great place to get out into nature and take a break from the hustle and bustle of classes. 

paved trail path at Washington Lake Park.
Follow the paved walking paths (above) or the nine scenic nature trails located around the park.

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Story and photos by:
Loredonna Fiore, senior public relations and advertising major

Information provided by the Township of Washington

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