Beyond the Classroom: Senior Business Major Kevin Baker’s Internship with Ohio-Based Company The DiJulius Group

Kevin poses outside Business Hall.

Today we speak with Kevin Baker, a senior Entrepreneurship and Management double major from Voorhees, NJ (Camden County). Kevin tells us about his internship over the summer with author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and customer service authority John R. DiJulius of The DiJulius Group and John Robert’s Spa.

Kevin poses on a bench outside Business Hall.

Tell us about your internship.

My internship was an amazing experience. My brother put me in contact with his friend, John DiJulius. On May 22, I went to Ohio to live with John for eight weeks. My time with him was during the week, Monday to Friday. I shadowed him throughout my time there. I lived with him, ate breakfast with him, and worked out with him, and went to work with him. I was able to have one-on-one time with all the consultants he works with, so I saw what they were all working on as well.

Shadowing John also included shadowing him on podcasts, phone calls with CEOs, team meetings, business trips, and preparation for keynote speeches. After going to with him, we went back to his home and had dinner and relaxed. I asked him as many questions as I could think of. During the weekends, I was able to spend time with my brother that lives in Clevland. 

After the internship was over, I was able to attend John’s annual conference, “The Customer Service Revolution,” from Oct. 4-6. I hope that more Rowan students can attend in the future.

What are some of your main achievements from the internship?

I had a few main achievements from interning with the DiJulius Group. I developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for the group to maximize sales revenue and increase profits. [A SaaS model is a software distribution model that uses a third-party to transmit software over the internet as a licensed subscription.] Also, to prepare for website publishing, I analyzed and changed case study documentation. 

Kevin poses on the steps outside Business Hall.

Did you use anything you learned at Rowan at your internship?

I took an elective taught by Dr. Dworkin called Politics in New Jersey. Something that Dr. Dworkin said in class was not to ask questions you can find on Google when you meet someone. I shadowed John DiJulius when he was recording his podcast, and I could ask my own questions when the recording was over. He had some amazing people on his podcast, such as Dr. Vance Thompson, a founder of LASIK Eye Surgery, and entrepreneur Matthew Stewart, and I could talk to them all. What Dr. Dworkin said in class really inspired me to do my research when I talked to all these people, and I made sure to ask unique questions. 

I had another professor, Professor Mihok, who taught me Microeconomics. Sometimes I would stay after class to talk to him about what is happening in the world in terms of economics, and I really enjoyed those conversations. 

Kevin poses outside Business Hall.

Why did you choose your major?

I chose Entrepreneurship as my major because I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had little side gigs in high school I came up with to make extra money, especially my power washing business. Originally, I wasn’t planning to go to college. I just wanted to go straight into being an entrepreneur, but I now realize how valuable it is to be a college student.

Networking is an enormous benefit to being a college student. As a student, I can reach out to CEOs or executives and ask about internships and ask for advice. I was able to get this internship and have one-on-one time with CEOs and entrepreneurs and ask them questions because I am a student. Going to college, you meet so many other students and people that will become part of your network. If I hadn’t gone to college, I would have missed out on that opportunity. 

College also gave me a chance to grow and work on myself. Living in a dorm has allowed me to see what it is like to live on my own. I have learned to become more self-reliant. 

Kevin poses outside Business Hall.

What did you learn from your internship?

A key takeaway from my internship is that everyone who graduates from college comes out with mostly the same credentials. We will all have a degree, service hours and experiences. However, what separates some individuals is their ability to build a relationship.

I found myself in Boston. While doing a service vision launch for Boston Centerless, taking a stroll through the office during a break, I noticed the CEO in his office and walked in to introduce myself. While I was in there, I read the room, because I have found that “the wall says it all,” and I could find common ground with him. He had a lot of books, and I love books, so I made a comment, and we ended up having the same favorite book. Now, I have a personal relationship with him.

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Story written by:
Rachel Rumsby, junior communication studies and public relations double major 

Interview and photography by: 
Stephanie Batista, junior music industry major

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