#PROFspective: English Major Bianca Gray Shares Her Rowan Experience

Bianca poses in front of some greenery.

Today we feature senior Bianca Gray, an English major with a concentration in Shakespeare Studies. Bianca is a commuter student from Sicklerville, NJ (Camden County). Bianca shares her experience at Rowan after transferring from a private college in Spring 2019. 

Bianca poses next to the prof statue.

Do you commute or live on campus?

“I used to live on campus, but because of personal reasons, I will commute next school year.”

What are some likes and dislikes of your major?

“I enjoy reading, writing, and studying English. The professors in the English department aren’t only supportive in class, but they also help students get jobs in the department. One of my professors recommended me to the Academic Integrity Board after I showed my interest. I got the position instantly, and that wasn’t something she had to do. She placed me in a position where I can interact with higher ups from Rowan and have better recommendations when I apply to grad school. So far, I don’t have any dislikes about my major.”

 Why did you transfer to Rowan?

“I transferred from a private college in New York. The school was very expensive, I had complications with the staff and the problem with small colleges is they run it like a boarding school. The college felt just like high school and I didn’t really like that you could be labeled for something you did your [first] year. Rowan is the opposite, it’s a public university, I feel free here, and it’s been very convenient for me.”

Bianca gets some work done at the writing center.

What has your experience at Rowan been like so far? 

“At first, Rowan seemed culture shocked because it didn’t feel as diverse as I imagined it for a public university. As for friendship, I reached back to high school friends and most could connect since they live close to campus. Overall, I am having a good experience. People at Rowan show they care about the Rowan community, especially my RA.”

What do you like to do for fun?

“I enjoy writing short stories and hanging out with friends. I also like watching old TV shows such as ‘Gossip Girl’ or ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ The older TV shows are just blunt, whereas newer TV shows show faux diversity.”

Do you have any jobs on campus?

“I work at the Writing Center, assist professors with writing, and I intern at the Rowan Blog as a Digital Content Contributor.”

Bianca poses in front of some trees on a bridge.

What do you look forward to after graduation?

“My goal is to attend graduate school. There’s a competitive program that offers not just your master’s but your doctorate as well. After that, I would like to work in the higher education field. I would like to become a resident director, vice president or even a dean. I also want to be involved in academia, self publish, and hopefully write novels.”

What is one piece of life advice for current Rowan students?

“Honestly, live your life to the fullest. Do what makes you happy.”

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Story by:
Nene Diallo, senior public relations major

Photography by: RJ Wentzell, senior exercise science major, and Stephanie Batista, junior, music industry major

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