Meet #Rowan2025: Aspiring Business Major Brooke Woodworth

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Meet incoming first-year Brooke Woodworth, a first generation college student and aspiring Business Management major from Freehold, NJ (Monmouth County). Brooke tells us more about what she’s looking forward to at Rowan.

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Welcome to Rowan! Could you share with us one thing you are looking forward in college?

One thing I am looking forward to in college is meeting new people. College is a whole new experience where you could meet new people and make friendships that last a lifetime. I have already met so many new friends, and I can’t wait for school to start.

What is one hobby, activity, sport or club you were a part of in high school that you’d like to continue in college?

One sport that I was a part of in high school was cheerleading. I did high school cheer for three years and I have done all-star cheerleading for eight years. I would like to continue to do cheerleading in college because I do not want to give up what I love.

Is there anything you’re hoping to discover about yourself in college?

One thing that I would like to discover about myself in college is my independence. College is something that you have to take upon yourself and be independent about. You have to learn to do things on your own. I am excited to see what I can do. 

What majors are you considering and why?

I am majoring in business. The reason why I chose a business major is because I want to one day be CEO of my own company. I hope one day I have my own company and it becomes very popular throughout the country and or one day the world.

Did you tour Rowan or attend any virtual events? If so, which ones, and what did you think?

I took a live tour of Rowan. I thought the campus was beautiful, and I loved how close everything was.

Do you have advice for other high school seniors who haven’t committed to a school yet?

One piece of advice that I have for other high school seniors who haven’t committed to school yet is choose a school that best fits you. Don’t go to school because it is the most popular or all of your friends are going. Choose a school that you will love for all four years and make great memories out of it.

Where are you going to live next year?

On campus.

What is one thing about Rowan itself that you liked?

One thing I loved about Rowan is how close the town was. Everything is walking distance, and the campus just seems like such a happy place.

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, music industry graduate

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