#PROFspective: Music Industry Senior Mackenzie Huston

Mackenzie poses outside.

Today we feature senior Mackenzie Huston, a Music Industry student with a concentration in Technology from Basking Ridge, NJ (Somerset County). Mackenzie talks to us about her time at Rowan and her Senior Capstone Project RU Rewind .

Why did you choose your major?

I have known since a very young age that music was my thing. I knew I wanted it to be most prominent thing in my life. I have been playing piano since age five. I have always had an interest in instruments. I have been classically trained in piano, and I have played at Lincoln Center. In high school I was involved in everything. While I am not a performance major, I thought technology was more my strong point, and I wanted to help people with their music.

What do you want to do with your major?

Lately, I have had an interest in sound engineering, whether that is choosing sound for film or composing for film.

Mackenzie playing a piano on a stage.

What are you doing now related to your major?

I have been working on my senior capstone, which is my podcast. It’s called the RU Rewind, and it essentially helps bridge connection between Music Industry major students especially during the pandemic because no one can see each other. It is my way of keeping everyone together. Every senior Music Industry student at Rowan must do a full year capstone project like starting a company, podcast or something else. Mine is doing interviews with bands and artists from Rowan or if a band has a member from Rowan. I interview them about what they have been up to with the pandemic and who they are as a band, getting to know their style, genre, what they do and where they have performances, their songwriting process, their overall background and their time at Rowan.

Mackenzie standing outside with a Rowan long-sleeve shirt.

How did you get the idea for a podcast?

This past summer I had an internship with a DJ from California. For that internship I was basically working on launching her first podcast. So that is how I got an interest in it. I knew nothing about podcasts before helping her. After the internship she hired me part time, and I still work on her podcast and have my own.

Why Rowan?

I had a tour with Mathieu Gendreau of the studios and an overview of the program and I just fell in love with campus, the studios the program and everything. I was like, “Oh my god this is so cool.” The Music Industry community at Rowan is great as well.

Rowan Music Industry Students Field trip to NYC (October 2019)- ASCAP Foundation & Warner Music Group.
Mackenzie (front, third from right) and Music Industry students at a 2019 field trip to the ASCAP Foundation and Warner Music Group.

Did this project help you get out of your comfort zone?

Yes, oh my gosh. I have never really branched out before this year. I have had connections but nothing to connect with other students. This is a way to actually know people in the industry because I really don’t get to know them through just classes. I am finally breaking out of my shell a little bit.

Favorite part of program?

The program is filled with so many different opportunities. I love the Music Performance class, Audio 1&2 and Computer Tech 1&2.

Rowan's Womens Choir 2018.
Mackenzie (top right) poses with members of Rowan’s choir (2018).

Advice for future students?

I would say make the most out of your time at Rowan. I feel like I did not do it enough and looking back knowing that I lost this year it is sad. I would say make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way. Talk to people, make those connections in the music industry, participate in those events. They give you a lot insight into the future in the industry.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Check out everyone’s capstone for the project!

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Story by: 
Stephanie Batista, sophomore music industry major

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