Meet Transfer Profs: Fabrizio A. Galindo of Whiting, NJ

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Meet incoming transfer Fabrizio Galindo, who will live on campus in the fall. Fabrizio is a first generation college student and an aspiring Biological Sciences major from Whiting, NJ (Ocean County) transferring from Stockton University. 

Welcome to Rowan! Could you share with us one thing you are looking forward at Rowan University?

I look forward to growing as a person while achieving my academic goals and succeeding at all the dreams I set my mind to.

What is one hobby, activity, sport or club that you’re involved in that you’d like to continue at Rowan?

Most of my time I spend studying online. I think I would like to try an Honor society and develop my hobbies with them. I found that to be a lot more ideal.

Is there anything you’re hoping to discover about yourself at Rowan? Grow a new skill? Try a new interest? Starting a new activity, sport or club?

I found out that Rowan’s science department is among the best ones in NJ. I feel that involving myself in Physics and Math clubs would be a set of new skills I will like to grow.

What majors are you considering and why?

Biology, Biophysics and physics. I have always wanted to study sciences and these are the best sciences to take if you like particles.

Did you tour Rowan or attend any virtual events? If so, which ones, and what did you think?

I have not done so due to Covid. I would like to go to Rowan’s Church and the science building I’m also curious about the Engineering building, I heard they have a pretty good signal.

Do you have advice for other transfers who haven’t committed to a school yet?

Please look at all of your opportunities, you have no idea what you are going to miss on if you don’t check Rowan out.

What is one thing about Rowan itself that you liked?

Other than Dr. Ali A. Houshmand having graduated in mathematics, I liked the University’s private scholarships and the Honors concentration.

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Story by: Bianca Torres, senior, music industry major

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