Eduardo Saba Shares Insight On Being A Geography Major

Eduardo standing outside.

Today we feature first-generation college senior Eduardo Saba, a Geography major with a minor in Environmental and Urban Planning. Eduardo is from the Dominican Republic and is a transfer student from Atlantic Cape Community College.

How did you become interested in this major?

I believe that the Dr. Zachary Christman, and Harold Thompson, played a big role for me when it comes to my interest in this major. They put light on the horizon to guide me on the right direction.

Eduardo standing outside on Rowan's campus.

What made you go: “WOW, I’m in the right major for me”?

I have an unfinished Civil Engineer degree from my country (Dominican Republic). After learning English and finishing my Science Associate degree at my local college, I recognized that Rowan University has the best transfer program in this area for students like me. During classes in my first semester, my two teachers, Ashley York, and Professor Richard Federman, made me say WOW!! They advised me well and guided me through my classes with an incredible patient before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. God bless those two teachers!

Eduardo standing in front of the Rowan owl statue.

What excites you about your major?

The challenge to learn more about Geography, and its application to use it as urban environmentalist planner.

How does this major support your professional goals?

I would like to work in transportation, municipal or environmental planning, and this major covers those areas. I have experience working in civil construction so that with God bless, my goals are found in this major.

Eduardo standing outside with foliage in the foreground.

Is there anything you wish you knew beforehand about this major, or anything that is better than you expected, that you could share with others?

Yes, I wish to get more deep computer knowledge. [In today’s world], Geography is not like before, papers, documentations on books, etc. Geography now is software, satellite, data, data and more data.

Could you share one cool thing about your major?

The world represented on maps versus the reality on the Earth.

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Story by: Stephanie Batista, sophomore Music Industry major

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