#PROFspective: Translational Biomedical Sciences Major Neha Alaparthy

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Today, we speak to Neha Alaparthy, a Translational Biomedical Sciences major from Princeton, NJ (Mercer County). Neha is a junior and looks forward to joining the club Active Minds. She talks about why she chose her major and her time here at Rowan.

What inspired you to choose your major?

Growing up, I have always had a special interest for science and doctors. My dad is one of my biggest inspirations for that. He is a clinical oncologist at a pharmaceutical company. As a little kid I would always sit with him and look at all these diagrams of cancerous cells and see how a drug would save someone’s life. I was really inspired by that.

I always wanted to be a doctor and be there for people in need, be the person to give them a chance to live life. My major has definitely brought me on that path. It has so many diverse subjects of biomedical sciences, life sciences, and physical sciences. It is definitely a major that challenges me, but it has definitely made me more passionate about the science field. I am always learning something new and it has been an amazing journey so far.

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How are you involved on campus?

I am currently doing research right now with a professor, and it has been an amazing experience to learn more about research and biomedical sciences by working with cells. I am also getting involved with different clubs such as the Active Minds club that advocates for mental health and suicide prevention.

Could you share with us one moment that made you feel inspired or confident that you’re in the right field for you?

The moment that made me feel like I chose the right field was during the COVID-19 outbreak. Being able to hear all the healthcare professionals and research professionals caring for people who are suffering and being a part of a force fighting again this pandemic. I realized that one day I can be that person that can potentially save someone’s life and being able to care for people in need.

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Describe for us an experience you’ve shared with a Rowan professor in which you felt like you were working with a visionary in your field.

I had a professor for most of my courses in my major, who I felt was a true visionary with how she would make us think about the future of science and how it is evolving. She would challenge us to think about how we would approach certain medical conditions and research experiments and it really was an eye opener on how fascinating science is and how it constantly evolves.

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Stephanie Batista, sophomore music industry major

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