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At Rowan University, we review applications on a rolling basis. What that means is once I receive all the required documents needed in an application, I will review the complete application and send out a decision. Since we review applications this way, we do not have Early Action or Early Decision.

Below is a timeline of the Rowan application and when your student should expect a decision from the university!

Rowan student taking notes.August

The application is available to all students interested in applying to Rowan. We are a Common App school, so make sure your student creates an account and starts checking out the site. Students don’t necessarily have to submit their application as soon as it becomes available, but it is a good idea to start looking it over and thinking about the essay prompts for their college essay.


Start having your student ask people to write their letter of recommendations! At Rowan, we require at least one letter of recommendation, and we accept up to five. Keep in mind, teachers and school counselors write A LOT of letters of recommendation, so you want to make sure they have plenty of time to write a well-written letter.

Your student should also be drafting their college essay and having their teachers help revise and make edits.  


At this point, your student should have their letters of recommendation written, their college essay ready to go, and the Common Application complete and ready to be submitted. October is a great time to hit the “submit” button on the application and start sending test scores, letters of recs and high school transcripts.

We are a test optional school; we will consider your test scores should you submit them. There are some exceptions where test scores are required; see our Test Optional page for more information. Test scores must be sent to Rowan University through College Board or ACT directly. 

Your student will also need to see their high school counselor and request their high school transcript be sent to Rowan.

If you are going to be applying for financial aid, be aware the FAFSA becomes available on Oct. 1. I always tell students to sit down with their parents/guardians in early October to complete that. The sooner you get the FAFSA submitted, the sooner you will get your financial aid package.


If your student submitted all their required documents in October, November may be a waiting game. This is a great time to go re-visit some of the schools your child applied to and meet with faculty members from the department/area of interest your student applied to.

Rowan students talking in a meeting room.December

By December, your student should receive their decision if they applied in early October. Keep in mind, this can fluctuate depending on volume. When your student does receive their decision, they will also receive information regarding merit scholarships, and they will receive financial aid information a few weeks following.

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Story by:
Amanda Kuster, Assistant Director of Admissions

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