Roommates Reflect: Seth, Kerry & Nicole in 230 Victoria [VIDEO]

Kerry Seth and Nicole sitting in 230 Victoria st.

Classmates, roommates and now best friends … Get a glimpse of what it’s like living in 230 Victoria St. with Seth Jackson, Kerry Jules and Nicole Cummings.

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Video by: Vanessa Vause, senior public relations and advertising major &
Dean Powers, freshmen radio/TV/film major
Music by: Joseph Murphy, junior music industry major 

What Profs Are Listening To: Liz Cicali

Enzo, Rowan student, playing guitar at a show near Rowan

“The 4333 shows are always really fun! There’s a lot of people there and everyone’s always having a great time. Transfer Post is a fairly new band and they’re performing in shows all around Rowan. I love listening to them,” Liz Cicali, sophomore music education major from Galloway, NJ (Atlantic County)

Band photos taken at two recent shows at 4333 Collective & Artheads Anonymous, by Julia Conner and William Shaw. 

Transfer Post consists of four Rowan transfer students:
Jeff Maul – lead guitar 
Enzo Ronchi – rhythm guitar 
Alex Bierman – drums 

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Story and photography by:
Vanessa Vause, senior public relations and theatre major

drummer of Transfer Post playing a show inside
singer and guitar player of Transfer Post playing in a show near Rowan inside

20 Minute Radius: Williamstown Farmer’s Market

outfront of the Farmers Market in Williamstown

Are you a South Jersey foodie? Then you absolutely have to check out the Farmer’s Market in Williamstown less than ten minutes away from campus! From endless amounts of fresh baked pastries and pies to the savory bbq section, crepe station, smoothie cart and hand-dipped, stuffed gourmet donut stand, I guarantee the true foodie in you will come out.  

gourmet donuts inside the Farmer's Market

You can truly find anything you’re craving at the Farmer’s Market. I’d suggest gathering up your friends, making sure there’s space on your phone for photos, and heading over for a grand ol’ experience. There’s even a large pretzel stand where the employees make the pretzels, cheese logs, pretzel bites, etc. right in front of you. 

a view of the inside of the Farmer's Market

And when you finally get full, you can browse around the market, looking through the stores and at the puppies at the puppy shop. This store always draws in a crowd with its cute dog faces. Check out the photos below for just a small glimpse into what the Farmer’s Market has. Visit it when the weather gets warmer for outdoor bbqs, event & more!

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Story & photos by: Vanessa Vause, senior public relations and theatre double major

homemade pies on display inside Farmer's Market
fresh fruits inside Farmer's Market
baked rolls inside Farmer's Market
two friends holding donuts inside the Farmer's Market
student holding a pretzel bite outside the Farmer's Market

Tatiyana’s Home Away From Home: Science Hall [VIDEO]

Tatiyana sitting inside the science hall in front of planetarium

First generation college student Tatiyana Stubbs, a sophomore bioinformatics and community health double major who commutes from Millville, NJ (Cumberland County) feels most home at Science Hall studying or working on assignments in a lab.

Video by: Edris Forde, junior radio, TV & film major and Vanessa Vause, senior public relations and theatre double major
Music by: Louis Testa, sophomore music composition major

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