Seeking Guest Bloggers

Four students wearing warm autumn clothing walking down a sidewalk on Rowan Boulevard.

Hello! Rowan Blog editor here. I’m Cristin Kastner Farney. Nice to meet you! We would love for you to share your perspective with future students with a guest blog post. Our team works for the Admissions office, so our focus is sharing stories that future students would like to read about. Stories that are positive, informative and entertaining. 

We seek stories that represent all types of students. We’re looking for stories from a first person perspective – we’re looking to see YOU in the story. What’s your experience? Casual in tone is super. Nothing formal here. No grades. 🙂 Scroll for possible story ideas. 

Female student stands smiling in front of the decorative clock on campus.If you’re interested in submitting a story, please email it to rowanblog [at] Stories should be 500 words or shorter. If you’d like to submit photos, you’re welcome to. However, once we prepare to publish we’ll schedule a photo session for you with one of our team members. 

What you’ll get from us:

  • a Rowan t-shirt, professional photos, a byline on a published blog post and a cool thing to share on social

Artsy photo of two students laying down on a road, head to head, with the engineering building behind them.Possible story ideas:

  • 3 things I love about my major
  • 3 things I love about where I live on campus
  • 3 things I love about my student worker job
  • How Rowan is different than my hometown
  • What it’s like to have a leadership position on campus
  • My student-athlete experience
  • Rowan – not my first choice, but it’s my best choice!
  • An activity I joined that I never thought would be for me
  • How I met my best friend at Rowan
  • Roommate Rituals – something my roomies and I do together
  • My awesome internship
  • How I adjusted to Rowan as a transfer
  • My experience getting a Rowan scholarship and how it helps me
  • My experience living authentically as myself while at college
  • How to be vegan or vegetarian on campus
  • My favorite philanthropic or charitable activity I’ve been a part of
  • My experience as an adult learner
  • My research experience here at Rowan
  • How I stay healthy on campus
  • The most interesting class I’ve taken at Rowan
  • Shout out to my professor: this experience meant a lot to me
  • Adulting at Rowan: three things I learned so far
  • I’m so glad I’m involved in this campus club
  • 5 Reasons I love Rowan
  • How I have fun on campus

Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you!

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