“Your Major is WHAT?” Explaining My Major To My Relatives

Shirley outside with a mask.

Today we hear from Rowan students as they explain what their major is. 

Shirley posing outside of Robinson Hall.
Shirley Celi-Landeo

“In short words, Anthropology is the study of humankind with a huge emphasis on culture. Modern Languages & Linguistics is basically the breakdown of how we view other people’s communication with one another. I personally want to end up applying and graduating with two master’s degrees in Public Health and in Biomedical Anthropology. Then, I’d love to have the opportunity to apply for a doctorate in Forensic Science. I want to hopefully work one day as a forensic epidemiologist in either America or in Peru,” says first-generation college junior Shirley Celi-Landeo from Newark, NJ (Essex County).

Josephine sitting on the elevated pavement on the edge of the walkway.
Josephine Babatunde

Biochemistry can get you a job in really anything scientific. You can work in a lab, you can become a doctor, a dentist, a science teacher and more. The study of biochemistry exposes you to such a variety of information that you can just pick a small part of it that was the most fascinating and choose to find out more. That curiosity is what can lead to someone becoming an expert in something like infectious diseases as. an example,” says senior Josephine Babatunde a transfer from Union County College from Linden, NJ (Union County).

Laura posing for a picture while walking on a trail.
Laura Spanier

“I would say that Supply Chain & Logistics is all about moving items from a provider (warehouse) to a customer, and everything else that associates with it, such as calculating time it will take to get to a customer, how much the warehouse has in stock and if they are even able to ship it out to their customers.” says senior Laura Spanier from Maplewood, NJ (Essex County).

Carlo taking a selfie.
Carlo Martines

Studio Art in the conventional sense – paintings, drawings, sculptures. etc. Putting works into exhibitions and galleries.” says senior Carlo Martines, a transfer from Chestnut Hill College from Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden County).

Haley sitting on a doc on a lake.
Haley Crist

“My Education and American Studies majors will eventually allow me to teach preschool to 3rd grade. I can then take an important test and then be able to teach preschool to 5th grade. My major will impact the kinds of jobs I have in many ways. I’ll be certified to teach in many different grade levels which opens up more jobs,” says senior Haley Crist, a transfer from Salem Community College from Pennsville, NJ (Salem County).

Megan posing outside on the Bunce Hall steps.
Megan Stahl

“My major helps me reason properly and allows me to view complex issues through multiple, detailed lenses. Through studying Philosophy, one is able to hone their objectivity skills as well as their analytical ability,” says first-generation college senior Megan Stahl, a transfer from Camden County College and from Hermitage, PA.

Marissa outside the Communications building on 114 Victoria.

“I work in higher education and write creatively. This Writing Arts degree gives me the opportunity to learn skills and enjoy both things simultaneously. My writing skills and experience interning in a college department prepare me for a career in college administration. My intensive practice of different types of creative writing will prepare me to be a writer and someday, even a published author,” says first -generation college senior Marissa Stanko, who is also a transfer from Salem Community College and is from Quinton Township, NJ (Salem County).

Kevin posing for a picture while wearing a Rowan Hoodie.
Kevin McCarthy

“Working to plan for emergencies and respond to hurricanes or other disasters,” says senior Kevin McCarthy a Political Science and Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management major from Cranford, NJ (Union County).

Ashley outside on campus wearing her Admissions ambassador sweatshirt.
Ashley Hermansen

International Studies is a major that focuses on our role in our global society. It is a combination of courses based in history, theory, and anthropology and focuses on how our international system is interconnected. Modern Languages & Linguistics is the study of languages and linguistics– taking three languages or two and a linguistics path. I take Spanish as my advanced language, French as my intermediate, and Arabic as my novice language,” says Ashley Hermansen from Mullica Hill, NJ (Gloucester County).

Allison feeding a giraffe while she was interning at the zoo.
Allison Mosley

Biomedical Art & Visualization: There are many different fields a trained biomedical illustrator could find themselves working in. Some illustrators work directly for hospitals creating artwork to educate patients and doctors alike. Some illustrators may work for a museum, creating informational displays to educate the patrons that walk through the door. Some illustrators may find themselves creating educational scientific video games! Any piece of art or design that requires a knowledge of science requires a trained biomedical illustrator,” says senior Allison Mosley from Marlton, NJ (Burlington County).

A selfie of Amanda.
Amanda O’Hanlon

“Pretty much every business and organization requires public relations and advertising. For public relations, job duties might include writing news releases, organizing campaigns, and attending promotional events like press conferences. Advertising duties might be creating the actual ad, meeting with clients and discussing goals, and developing ad campaigns,” says first-generation college junior Amanda O’Hanlon from Waldwick, NJ (Bergen County).

Madison taking a selfie in her car.
Madison Dautle

“I know you haven’t heard of it. I didn’t hear about bioinformatics until the fall semester of my sophomore year in college. Basically, bioinformatics is the (unholy) franken-child of a biochemistry major and a computer science major. I learn enough biology and chemistry to be able to talk with biologists and chemists and I learn enough computer science to talk with programmers. My major makes science more efficient,” says junior Madison Dautle, a transfer from Stockton University and from Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden County).

Sydney posing outside on campus.
Sydney Ramos

Human service professionals are really anyone that serves others. Specifically with a BA in Human Services you can become a family therapist, a child welfare advocate, social work, even work in health services. I want to go into case management, working with children who had to be removed from their homes for a plethora of reasons,” says junior Sydney Ramos from East Brunswick, NJ (Middlesex County).

Sam sitting on a wood fence on the beach.
Sam DiCosmo

Public relations is basically when you manage the release of information to the public and your job is to just make sure the company looks good and do damage control. You can get so many jobs with this major including event planner, social media specialist and public relations manager,” says junior Sam DiCosmo a transfer from Bloomsburg University who is from Warren County, NJ.

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Story by: Bianca Torres, Senior, Music Industry major

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