Liberal Studies, 3+1 Program Senior Reflects

senior reflects- Chinasa Nwankwo

Meet Chinasa N. Nwankwo, a senior liberal studies major graduating this semester as part of the 3+1 program, in which students attend classes at community college for three years and at Rowan University for one year. Chinasa, from Cinnaminson, NJ (Burlington County) attended 3+1 through Rowan College at Burlington County. 

Could you share your favorite memory?
I joined the Philosophy Club of Rowan University, for me it’s very exciting. I was very honored when I got an invite to join. Unfortunately the season we are witnessing has limited our club activities. I look forward to keeping in touch with the club since Phi Kappa Tau stands for everything I believe.

Chinasa (left) with her husband
Chinasa (left) with her husband

Could you share your favorite moment with a faculty member or a favorite experience in one of your classes?
My experience with the academic advisors for the 3+1 program was impressive. I encountered my advisor Allie when I was looking to transfer to a four-year college from RCBC. She is an amazing individual whose professionalism is second to none. She followed up with me, and her attitude convinced me to complete my degree program through the 3+1 initiative.

My personal go-to adviser, Holly Ann Ashton, is a wonderful woman who is hands-on with any issues that I brought to her attention. This spring semester, Holly Ann went above and beyond to assist me with providing a space within the office to take my online exams for a class that required Proctotrack, which I couldn’t do in my home. It wasn’t her job, but she was interested and invested in me as a student of Rowan University that she made it possible for me to finish without issues. That’s what I call dedication and service. I appreciate Holly Ann Ashton.
Chinasa (middle) with her son and husband
Chinasa (middle) with her son and husband
Chinasa (right) with her son
Chinasa (right) with her son

Do you want to give a thank you shout out to your family, friends, advisors or mentors?
I want to thank my husband, who assisted me all the way without complaining. He stood by me and encouraged me that I could do this and be proud of myself. My son Zee, who believed that “Mommy is smart,” I want to say thank you. I missed out on your soccer games, volleyball and other activities because of my evening classes. I love you, son. You make me proud. I celebrate you as you go to college in the Fall of 2020.

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