What Profs are Listening To: Jen Green

Jen Green stands in the Rowan University bookstore, looking toward her phone with the Badflower album cover OK I'm Sick
A student in the Rowan University bookstore holds up the new Badflower album OK, I'm Sick.

“At midnight Badflower dropped their new album, OK I’m Sick, and I’m listening as I work. You should check it out! Gritty rock from a younger band out of LA. I’ve seen them live a few times now in Philly, Asbury Park and Lancaster, but I can tell that this is the album that’s going to make them huge.” 

Jen Green, a graduate student in the master’s in strategic communication within the College of Communication & Creative Arts, who commutes from Pitman, NJ (Gloucester County) and is a first generation college student. 

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Story and photography by:
Adeline McDonald

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