How to Stay Away from Student Health Services this Winter

close up of hand washing

sudsy soap on hands during vigorous hand washingWe love our Rowan students enough to share our insider tips on how to avoid needing to come to Student Health Services this winter.

We find that people think they are doing a great job avoiding germs … and they’re really not. Don’t be that person! Here are our top 11 tips on how to stay healthy this winter, with a focus on hand hygiene.

1. Wash your hands, regularly, with soap for 15-20 seconds or sing “Happy Birthday” song twice
2. While washing hands with soap is preferable, hand sanitizer will work when soap/sink are not available (and there are hand sanitizing stations in every building!)
3. If using hand sanitizer, you also need to rub your hands together for 15-20 seconds for full effectiveness
4. Wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Then, shut off the faucet and open the door using a paper towel
5. Try not to shake hands, but if you do, wash your hands after shaking other’s hands
6. Try to open doors with an elbow or paper towel
7. Cover your mouth when you cough
8. Cough into the crook of your arm
9. Wash your hands after you blow your nose or if you cough into your hands
10. Wipe down your telephone, cell phone, pens/pencils, RowanCard, keys, computer keyboard/tablets, door knobs, video game controllers, etc., regularly with sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizerRowan Prof shaped stress ball stands next to Purell alcohol wipes
11. Carry hand sanitizer and use after touching doors/door knobs, money, shopping carts, shaking hands, etc.

If you follow these guidelines, hopefully we won’t see you in Student Health Services with the bug that everyone else caught!

Our email address for non-urgent/non-emergency questions and comments is: Please be aware that we may not answer all emails, but will do our best to provide information on topics you request.

Aubrey M. Olson, D.O., M.S.Ed., Medical Director Student Health Services
Cristin Kastner Farney, MA, Digital Content Strategist

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