Inside Look, Laurel Hall: The Sounds of Freshman Year

student in laurel hall dorm room

Meet freshman Daniel Minshall who has met his college friends in Laurel Hall because of music!

The alarm clock rings at 9:30 a.m. Waking tostudent outside laurel hall the blaring songs of his favorite bands, freshman Daniel Minshall starts his day to the sound of music. Living in Laurel Hall with his roommate Sean, the two of them (and many friends to come) built their friendship on the basis of music.

“I wake up to music every day. It varies, so after three days it’s time for something new, like some Cage the Elephant or Nirvana. Right now it’s “Across the Universe” by The Beatles,” Danny explains.

As a freshman new to campus, having a solid roommate is so important. They were originally matched based off housing questionnaires, yet started to talk music as soon as room decorating began.

“I noticed his Pink Floyd phone case the second he walked in the room so we started talking classic rock music and we quickly learned we’d get along great.”

dorm room of laurel hall

The dorm room is filled with music posters representing the artists who write songs that tell the story of dreamers. Funky lava lamps blurp, fans blow and alternative music plays in the background. It’s certainly the ideal environment for any music fan to live in.

Although the space isn’t the largest, the two get creative to make it work. Furniture placement opens up the room, so Danny’s bed is at the tallest setting, giving him room to put his desk underneath, leaving a cool lair-like place underneath. He’s only bumped his head twice.

student sits under desk“My Halloween bat that once hung for the holidays now functions as a key holder for the hall. Plus, my bluetooth speakers conveniently hang underneath my bed so that I can listen to music at my desk or right before bed.”

On the way to class you can find Danny listening to his playlist on his JBL synchros head set, because just too many people have Beats. Of course walking through the Laurel/Oak courtyard you have to keep your eyes peeled for the deemed “fat raccoon, Lauren.” Between the squirrels and other wildlife, there’s always something happening in the courtyard.

student in laurel oak courtyardEven when Danny’s working at the equipment room in Bozorth for his Radio, TV, Film major, Pandora is playing so it kills the quiet and he can come back to his dorm to talk about his recent artists discoveries. Every time he walks out at the end of his shift he’s got at least one new song under his already oversized belt.

The windows are usually cracked so you get a hint of the whistling of the wind gusting past the sides of Laurel Hall. Returning back from class or work, it’s back to the dorm room where he most likely has the room to himself because Sean tends to disappear from time to time. This leaves time for studying and the sound of silence, but not for long.

If you walk past Danny’s room at the right time of night you will hear guitars blaring through the doors as his group of friends will jam to Rock Band. Everybody knows each other in students look at new music in upstair lobby of laurelLaurel so you can always find open doors. If Danny’s not in his room you can find him on the third floor lounge participating in his RA’s group projects or with his friends in another dorm.

You will find laughing kids with smiles discussing the latest song they heard on Spotify on the walk over. Danny’s group always finds themselves in someone’s dorm room and consists of Rob, Pat, Tatiana and Zach. The latest conversation is about Phoenix and Tame Impala among many others. It’s a diverse group, as Zach leans more toward rap music while everyone else’s preferences range from anywhere to rock, indie, and bossa nova music. They often influence each other’s music taste which leads to fun conversations.

“Being from Smyrna, Delaware, I know that Firefly Music Festival is the place to be. I have gone for the last 4 years but having Philly so close to campus I find shows are never hard to get to.”

student with CD'sHis friends and him agree that Philly just might be the best place to see a show. They recently caught the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Danny even met the group Arkells at one of the many Radio 104.5 Block Parties.

“It’s safe to say my top favorite venues are 1. Festival Pier 2. Wells Fargo Center 3. Electric Factory. The places are not far from campus at all so it’s well worth the short drive if you’re looking for something fun to do.”

Danny not only chose Rowan because the Radio Television Film program, but particularly because he liked the atmosphere on the campus tour.

“There is always something to do on campus and I’m happy to find friendly people. Istudents outside in courtyard saw that immediately my first time on campus. From Rowan After Hours events to Laurel Activity nights, there’s always opportunities to meet new people.”

Who knows, you might find your new favorite band when you live on campus!

What are you hoping to bond over with a future roommate? Share in the comments below!

Story and photography by:
Jen Green, senior public relations major

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