Inside Look, Oak Hall: Everything I Own is in this Room

Ever know of a college student who loves communal bathrooms and the size of their room? Meet freshman musical theatre major, Ceara Regan!

People often associate college dorm rooms with being small, but that’s not the case for Ceara.student and her favorite play

Housing just 60 student, Ceara loves that Oak Hall is small so that she knows everyone there. She shares the bathrooms with the girls on her floor and doesn’t even have to clean them, as this residence hall has housekeeping staff who handle that.

The room is the perfect size where she can do her homework, read, or write for Rowan’s Chapter of the Odyssey on her bed yet have space for people to come over. The two windows and two fans in her room come in handy, though, because she likes it cold!

“I like to use blankets to get warm until just the tip of my nose is cold. That’s the best feeling in the world,” Ceara explains.

She shares her space with one roommate. Even with two people she’s managed to fit all of her belongings, plus her roommates’ stuff, in the space without it feeling cluttered.

Moving from Atlanta, Georgia, it’s no surprise that Ceara wanted to take everything she has with her. You just can’t ever predict exactly what you will need but, thankfully, she’s not materialistic. Today she shares her favorite (and most special) seven things from home that you will find in her room!

1. Her brother’s Beats … that don’t even work.

student and her beats

These headphones not only remind me of home but help me get some sleep if my roommate has to stay up late working on things. No music needed, they keep the room silent for me!

2. Pearl earrings and a silver “C” necklace:

student keepsakes

My uncle knows my style so well. He gave me real pearl earrings and a silver “C” necklace that I keep in this cute dolphin box given to me by my mom. I can always wear and have a little bit of home.

3. This cultural bracelet:

student bracelet

This bracelet was given to me by my cousin. He got it from the Philadelphia Museum of Art which is a short drive from campus.

4. Graduation Cap

graduation cap

I like to hold onto my graduation cap to not only remind me of my friends back home, but to motivate me to keep pushing hard in anticipation of getting my degree!

5. Prom Corsage

prom corsage

How can you forget about prom night!?

6. 150+ Playbills

play bills

This collection of plays are my inspiration. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to meet a lot of the stars at the stage door and got quite a few signed.

7. Smarties

box of smarties

Smarties are my favorite candy so I always have to have a box in the room (of course an extra large box). Have to have them handy for those late night cravings.

Oak Hall is everything Ceara could have hoped for and she’s so happy to call it home.

student in dorm room

What unique things do you hope to bring to your dorm room? Let us know in the comments below!

Story organized and photography by:
Jen Green, senior public relations major

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