Salad Days at The Green Zebra

At the Green Zebra salad bar, located on the ground floor of the Chamberlain Student Center, there are thousands of possible salad combinations available for students to create. Even if you aren’t the biggest health nut (like myself), you are bound to find a delicious and healthy salad you enjoy. There is almost every salad topping imaginable just waiting for you. From sunflower seeds to mandarin orange slices and more, way more. When it comes to customizing your dream salad, you can choose from over 30 different toppings! Don’t even get me started on the different dressings; my favorite is Chipotle ranch — it has the perfect kick!Salad toppings

Before trying out the Green Zebra, I always found it difficult to find time to eat healthy at college. Between classes, studying, club meetings and different events, I thought the only ideal options for meals were fast food and microwave dinners. I soon realized it’s possible to grab a healthy lunch or dinner, and quickly continue with my day with choices from Rowan’s Express food court.

Since discovering the Green Zebra my freshman year at Rowan, I have remained a “loyal fan.” Of course, then all of my friends had a meal plan, so going to the food court was the perfect way to get lunch and hang out. Now as a junior I still grab a fresh salad almost every week, I call Tuesdays my “salad days”, when hurrying to classes.

So, you can imagine over the years how many different salad combinations I have tried. Some have been better than others, but today I am going to share with my two favorite Green Zebra hacks. Cue the singing angels!

Buffalo Chicken Salad
This salad is my all time favorite salad combination from the Buffalo chicken salad combinationGreen Zebra. If you love buffalo wings as much as I do then this is the perfect salad for you! When creating the buffalo chicken salad, I usually start off with some iceburg lettuce. I top it off with chicken, carrots, celery, tomatoes and blue cheese. Then I ask for a side of ranch dressing, blue cheese can work too.

How is this a buffalo chicken salad you may ask? Well, I then walk over to the condiment section and grab a side of hot sauce. Here comes the best part; mix the hot sauce with ranch dressing and pour it on your salad. You just created a spicy, crunchy and healthy alternative to buffalo chicken wings with almost half the calories!

Taco Salad
Whenever I can’t decide between the Latin-style cuisine at Rowan’s SONO or a salad, I create this flavorful and colorful taco salad to satisfy both of my appetites. For this salad, I choose spinach as a base and chicken as my protein. Then for the toppings, I choose corn, cheddar cheese, black beans, diced tomatoes, and avocado. Then I use my favorite dressing from Green Zebra, Chipotle! Don’t forget to pour the dressing, close your plastic box and shake it all up to coat the salad evenly.

If you haven’t tried out the Green Zebra yet, I recommend you check it out! It is healthy, fast and delicious, just what us college students need. Head over for lunch with some friends and see how many combinations your group can create, and make sure to try my two favorite combos!

Rowan students, what are your favorite salad combinations at the Green Zebra?

By: Katelyne Ortega
Junior double major, public relations and advertising

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