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  • Goal Setting Advice from a Senior

    aerial view of Robinson Circle

    “Most of you say you wanna be successful, but you don’t want it bad—you just kinda want it.” -Dr. Eric Thomas, motivational speaker Sorry, guys. But Dr. Thomas is right. The running stereotype about us millennials: We’re entitled and aren’t willing to earn our stake. That disgusts me. Visualizing and mapping goals allowed me to transition […]

  • #PROFspective
  • #PROFspective: Elementary Education & Literacy Studies Major Katherine Brown

    Today we speak with Katherine Brown, a senior elementary education and literacy studies major from Cherry Hill, Camden County, who lives off campus. Katherine will share her #PROFspective with us on what it’s like to be a Rowan University student and how she’s getting the most out of her college experience as a Rowan Prof.  Name: Katherine Brown – […]

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  • Salad Days at The Green Zebra

    At the Green Zebra salad bar, located on the ground floor of the Chamberlain Student Center, there are thousands of possible salad combinations available for students to create. Even if you aren’t the biggest health nut (like myself), you are bound to find a delicious and healthy salad you enjoy. There is almost every salad […]