3 Moms Tell Us Why Their Families Chose Rowan

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Families play a major role in college decision-making. For transfer students, college decisions can take even more planning and guidance than usual. Despite that extra time agonizing over making the right choice, so many talented students transfer to Rowan University each year. We had a feeling our students’ families might have something to do with it, so we sat down for coffee in the kitchens of three Rowan students’ moms and asked them what encouraged them to guide their children to Rowan University.

Meet the Moms 

Monica Francesco

Mom Monica sits at a kitchen table with her hands folded.
Monica’s daughter, Samantha is a senior in Rowan’s marketing program.

This local real-estate maven is a first-time college mom, with her oldest child having transferred to Rowan last year. Monica’s daughter, Samantha, is a senior double major in marketing and advertising. 

Her major concern with the four-year institution her daughter chose? Location.

“We definitely wanted a school close to home,” Monica told us, citing her desire to maintain the family’s dynamic while Samantha was in college.

The other major reason this mom encouraged her daughter to join the Rowan family? The price was right.

“The price we pay in tuition is unheard of for a school this highly rated. We walked the campus and we knew she would be happy and safe here,” Monica told us.

Joyce Duca

Mom Joyce sits at her kitchen table.
Joyce met us for a kitchen chat about her family’s college experience.

Joyce is on the second of her three children entering college. Her daughter Dominique transferred into the Rohrer College of Business last year after earning her associate degree at Rowan College at Gloucester County.

Having already put their oldest son through college, the Ducas’ primary concern was price.

“Rowan has very affordable tuition compared to other universities we looked at,” Joyce told us.

For Joyce’s husband Joe, safety was also a top priority.

“We felt good sending [Dominique] to Rowan knowing that Glassboro is a safe area. It is not far from our home should she need us,” Joe told us.

As for both parents, the final factor that fell in Rowan’s favor was its impressive business curriculum and reputation.

“The business school here is top notch. They offered the types of specific majors and pace we were looking for,” Joyce told us.

Maria Blando

Mom Maria stands in her kitchen.
Maria is a professional college mom after working in higher education for 20 years.

Maria’s daughter (yours truly) transferred to Rowan last year and now interns for Rowan while finishing her senior coursework. When asked, Maria described the college experience as the number one reason why her family chose Rowan.

“Just because our daughter started her journey at a community college didn’t mean we gave up on the idea of a beautiful campus with lots of activities for her. She has certainly made up for all four years in the two she has been at Rowan.”

The Blando family also cited convenience as a factor.

“We expected transferring to be stressful. Coming from Rowan College at Gloucester County, Bianca interviewed with an admissions representative at RCGC and was admitted to Rowan University on the spot. There were no application fees. It made the whole process seamless.”

Like Joe Duca, Maria’s husband Andrew had a lot of say in the decision their family made regarding college.

“Having Bianca close to home gave us a sense of security, but also helped us save. Her degree is the most affordable this family has seen yet. Our youngest is 16 and will be starting college within years. It’s good to know there are affordable options in our region. “ 

What factors helped your family choose Rowan University? 

By: Bianca Blando

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